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Official Launch of Slay Something!

July 5, 2018 Slay Something has officially launched! To celebrate the addition of our first items in the shop, we are offering 10% off all sales throughout the month of July, 2018. We are still working hard on the rest of the site and working with more artists to expand our catalog. Follow us on our social media pages and join our mailing list below to get the latest information on new products, sales, and giveaways. Thank you to everyone who helped make this launch possible. We hope you enjoy your experience with us here at, Slay Something.

Our First Commissioned Artist of Slay Something

The first artist commissioned by Slay Something, Vincent Van Hoof, is now up on the About the Artists page. Journey into the realm of darkness and nightmares as you gaze upon the portfolio of his previous works. The line between bravery and lunacy severely blurs for those who enter because of the horrors within. Vincent’s latest work, “Slaying Cthulhu”, designed exclusively for Slay Something, is the latest addition to his portfolio. Depicting the battle between mortal and madness, his work shows our hero landing a strike against an adversary few would ever hope to survive against. We are looking forward to working with Vincent again in the future to create even more works for our catalog.


You can see more of his future work outside of our catalog by joining our Facebook group, The Artists of Slay Something, where we’ll feature the latest information about all the artists that we work with. Not only will it be a way of following the latest information about your favorite artists, it will also give you an opportunity to interact with them from time to time as they present some of their latest works. The group will also show off other products that feature the artist’s work, including games, clothing, novelties, and more!


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