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We strive for strong relationships with our fantasy artists by linking them with all the products we sell. We are always searching for a variety of artists because each individual style appeals to different people. When a community member discovers a fantasy artist that they enjoy, they can easily discover more of their works. We believe that this commitment to our artists will provide a greater opportunity to focus on doing what they love.


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Slaying Cthulhu

Vincent Van Hoof

Vincent Van Hoof is an Illustration and concept art professional. 7+ years of industry experience. 30+ games worked on. 4 successful Kickstarter projects. Currently available for freelance or full-time game and film projects.
Fantasy Artist José del Nido 01

José del Nido

José del Nido was born in Barcelona (Spain). He has worked as an illustrator for more tan 30 years. He is proficient in oil, acrilics, watercolor and airbrush, as well as digital art.

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Have you ever wanted to know where fantasy artists get their inspiration? Have you ever had the opportunity to follow the career of an artist and to assist in promoting their talents? The truth is we all go through life seeing works of art that we truly enjoy but know nothing about. For any kind of artist, whether it be painters, digital artists, photographers, writers, musicians and more, making a career in the field possesses many challenges. The biggest challenge to overcome is name recognition, and as a result, increases in commissions and other job opportunities.


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Being a fan of an artist is easy to do when you know who they are. By being a part of The Artists of Slay Something community, you can discover other projects that these artists are working outside of the Slay Something page. By like, sharing, and supporting other projects it not only promotes more recognition for the artists, but it also expands the confidence of those who have already commissioned them that their choice had led to positive results. So join the group today and be a part of an artist(s) future success!

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