Screen Printing Over Digital Printing for Quality

What Sorcery Is This?

Digital instead of Screen Printing

In an age where printed products are created by such powers as to satisfy the needs for instant gratification. Where designs are conjured by the click of a button half way around the country, or around the world. Where a company may design and produce a product, yet never actually hold it in their hands. We say that it is time to take a stand before this growing beast and remember the ways of the screen printing craftsman. Various digital printing methods do provide a great way to offer a variety of designs to the public at a reasonable cost. While this fills an immediate need for some, we wanted to offer a longer term solution to our customers.

Insuring Quality Screen Printing

Screen Printing

When purchasing printed products online, many of us have fallen victim to illusion. Actual products do not always resemble the advertised imagery and often fade quickly. Other products are of poor quality and do not stand the tests of time and adventure. Here at Slay Something, we want to provide you with quality, long lasting screen printing, combined with comfortable, yet durable clothing for your epic journeys. Local, highly qualified screen printing technicians set up, print, and inspect each piece for quality and accuracy. Each piece is individually packaged on site for its protection, because we want your purchases to remain comfortable and brilliant for years to come.

Artist Spotlight

Slay Something Fantasy Artists Facebook Group

We have a passion for art, therefore, we have not only committed ourselves to providing wonderfully crafted designs, but also promoting the artists themselves. In addition to selling their artistry, we provide each artist with a public profile on the Slay Something Artists page. Furthermore, we will share their work throughout our social media presence. You can learn more about the artists that created your favorite designs, and discover other works that they have done. This will include products that are available outside of the Slay Something catalog.  Links will be provided to the artists’ portfolios . As a result of community interaction and information sharing, we hope to support their future endeavors.

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